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Warren Higgins is the operator of Curraghchase Caravan & Camping Park.

Warren's fondest childhood memories are of the caravan and camping holidays he took with his family ever Summer.

One Summer he refused to leave the park they were staying at and managed to wrangle himself a job onsite. One Summer turned into many Summers and Warren knew one day he would run his own park.

Fast forward to 2015 and that dream came true! Warren took on the mammoth task of reopening a disused caravan and camping park in the beautiful surrounds of Curraghchase Forest Park. With the help of John & Francis Brennan he hit the ground running and the park is rapidly making a name for itself as a must visit holiday destination in Co.Limerick.

Warren (right) photographed with the famous Francis Brennan featured in an episode of "At Your Service".

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